If Involved In An Injury Accident

  • Seek Medical Attention
  • Follow your doctor's advice
  • Do not speak to or sign anything from the other parties' insurance adjuster. If contacted by an insurance adjuster ask them who they represent.
  • Do not agree to meet with the other parties' insurance adjuster. They may arrange to have your conversations taped or your actions videotaped at any meeting, including ones purporting to deal with your car damage.
  • Do not agree to settle your claim without speaking to a lawyer. Most insurance adjusters will make you a quick settlement offer hoping that you do not know the true value of your injury claim. Even offers of several thousand dollars may not reflect the true value of your claim. They hope you do not contact a lawyer.
  • Contact more than one injury lawyer. Contact a lawyer who does nothing but represent injured people. Ask what fees will be charged, and who will pay for the litigation expenses. There is a wide range of rates in the Edmonton Area. Don't short change yourself or your claim.
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